Settings organisation/administrator

Log in to the Teachers’ page and click on Settings (N.B. this is only visible to administrators!).

Click on School Settings to change settings that apply to the entire organization.
Click on Teachers to organize access and rights of teachers.


Organisation password:
The current password (= password used to log into the app) is shown here.
(1) Customise this password as required.


(2) Students’ privacy:
• user names are only visible in highscore lists within the organization;
• usernames are visible in all highscore lists;
• usernames are not visible in highscore lists.


In the app:
(3) Show default Earz games in the app or not (can also be set per class).
(4) Show default Earz folders in the app or not (Dutch version only).
(5) Show Earz accessories (metronome/keyboard) in the app or not (can also be set per class).
(6) Show Earz teacher explanation games or not (can also be set per class).
(7) Students retain or lose their points when they play again.


Students login:
• Ticked = everyone can log in “freely” into the app, with any chosen login name;
• Unticked = organization must enter a list of names per class. Students can only log in with these names.
Checked: students can only log in with their email address and (own) password.
Ticked: students may also make Earz games (in the game workshop)


(11) Grading:
• Unticked (=default): Earz automatically gives the grades 1 to 10 (= 0 – 100% score).
• Ticked: The organization can determine its own rating (e.g. “A++” , 1 to 6, “Excellent!” etc.).


(12) Set access per teacher?
• No (= default): all teachers have access to all classes, games and folders on the teachers’ page.
• Yes: the administrator can set per teacher which classes (+ students), folders and games the teacher has access to.



(1) Add new teacher.
After entering the name and mail-address the teacher will automatically receive a mail with his or her own password.
(2) Change data (name and email) and set admin and access rights here.
Administrators can change school settings and add/remove teachers and adjust their access rights.