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Online help with music education the way you want it

Online ear training, note reading, theory and knowledge of music. Challenging and instructive for every level and every age. In use at over 650 institutions and last school year by some 70,000 players!

For PC/Mac/Chromebook and Android/iOS

Music lessons a level more fun with the Earz app

Ear training, reading music and music theory in one great app!

  • Attractive music lesson games for everyone, at every level and fully customisable by teachers.
  • Huge amount of musical material, constantly varied by the app. Never boring!
  • Challenging games (with levels, high scores, daily rewards and badges) that can be played anywhere there is internet.
  • In addition to English, you can also choose German, Swedish, Spanish or Dutch.

Standard dozens of different games and levels.

  • No prior knowledge required; you learn in a playful way.
  • Suitable for everyone: from graphic notation for beginners to solfège exercises for advanced students and professionals.
  • Fully customizable content by teachers; ideal for personalized learning.

Perfect tool for all music teachers.

Suitable for primary and secondary schools, (private) music schools, etc.

  • Make your own method with Earz, or use it alongside your favourite music method.
  • Easily create your own games especially for your students. If you want, add your own material (text/links/images/sound/YouTube videos).
  • Free use of the Earz-Library with hundreds of games made by other teachers, which you can use as a teacher. All customizable to your own taste.
  • Including extensive online student tracking system. Take tests and record the results.
  • Use the Wiki pages in the app to explain, show and hear (in the classroom). Provided with links to Wikipedia for more info.
  • NEW: Students can also create games now!