Privacy policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the services of Soundsupply , concerning Earz.

By making use of Earz you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. Soundsupply respects the privacy of all users of her website and apps and ensures that all personal information that you provide us with is handled with confidentiality.

For the functioning of Earz we store 2 types of data:
1 Data of the institution that takes out a subscription. This data consists of:
a contact information for the purpose of the subscription:
– name institution
– name representative institution
– email-address representative
– name and possible extra data invoice
– email invoice-address
– address
– type of subscription
– start date of subscription
b for the functioning of the app:
– passwords
– email addresses of teachers (for login on the teacher page)
– created classes (names)
– created students (login names)
– created games –
– created games
– privacy setting
2 Data of the user (‘player’) of the Earz app. This data consists of:
– user name
– class
– app settings (e.g. language)
– results
3 Only from users of the Earz Solo app:
– email address
– user-name
– password

Data storage
• The data listed under 1a above is stored on Soundsupply’s own secure servers.
• The data mentioned above under 1b, 2 and 3 are stored on secured servers of Webfaction Ltd, 252-254 Blyth Road, Hayes, UB3 1HA, London, UK.

Data Retention period
• The above mentioned data under 1a (+ passwords) will be stored for the duration of the subscription. Upon termination of the subscription you will be asked whether we are allowed to store these data. If not, they will be permanently deleted.
• The above mentioned data under 1b and 2 (except passwords) are stored during the current course year + at least 1 course year after (archive function).

Use of data
• The data mentioned above under 1a will only be used for communication with the relevant institution.
• The data mentioned above under 1b, 2 and 3 are only used for the proper functioning of the app. Except for the total score *), names and results of users of the app are nowhere visible outside the organization.
*) By means of a privacy setting, the organization (or individual user) can also exclude this from inclusion in the public ‘high-score’ list.
• We will not combine the above mentioned data with other personal data we have and will not make it available to third parties.

Data communication and security
The transfer of data between the apps and the server uses the SSL protocol. Cookies and sessions are also stored encrypted.

Questions and feedback
Should you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us.