Terms of use

(version 2021-06-01) These do not apply to Earz Solo.

Article 1 Right of use
1. Soundsupply provides user with a non-transferable right of use to the Earz software ©.
2. The right of use is valid for a period of one year.
3. The right of use is automatically renewed for a period of one year at a time.

Article 2 Termination
1. A subscription can be terminated by notifying Earz at least one month before the end of the current subscription period.
2. After the first subscription year, School 250 (or higher) subscriptions can be cancelled monthly. The remainder of the subscription fee already paid will be refunded.
3. Cancellation can be done in writing or by e-mail.

Article 3 Use
The user’s use of the Earz software is understood to mean the following:
a. Use by employees within the user’s institution, insofar as this is necessary to support the music education of the user’s students by means of the Earz software;
b. Use of Earz software by the students/members of the user’s institution;
c. If the user is not an institution; use of Earz software by the user himself.

Article 4 Access
1. Soundsupply provides the user with access to the use of the Earz software by providing the user with a unique access code.
2. The user shall ensure that the access code is not made available for use by parties other than those referred to in article 3.
3. The provision of the access code is accompanied by the notification to the person concerned that the distribution of the access code to third parties by the person concerned constitutes a wrongful act towards the user and towards Soundsupply, for which a compensation is due.
4. The User agrees to take measures against the User’s students and employees, whether or not at the request of Soundsupply, if there is a reasonable suspicion that the unique access code of the Earz software has been made available to third parties by those students and/or employees.

Article 5 Discounts
1. Offers are one-off and only apply for the first year of the subscription, unless demonstrably agreed otherwise.
2. Offers do not apply to organisations that already have a subscription or had a subscription less than a year ago.
3. Promotional codes are valid until stated date, may only be used by those to whom they have been issued and are not transferable to others.

Article 6 Copyright
1. All video and audio material used in the app or on the site is the property of (or is used under license by) Soundsupply. Use by others is therefore not permitted without Soundsupply’s permission.
2. Soundsupply does not assume any copyright responsibility for material added by others (in the quiz module) itself. Soundsupply assumes no liability for any claims that may arise from this, which are entirely at the expense of the creator (or his or her institution) of the game in question.