As a teacher, you can send a class or individual students a message.
• if there is a new message for him/her, the student sees it in the app.
• a message can contain text, images, videos and links.

NB. The messages function may have been disabled by the administrator!

From the menu on the teachers’ page, choose: Messages


(1) Search (by title or content) in existing messages.
(2) Existing messages; click on them to view content.

(3) Click to create a new message:


(1) Title of the message.
(2) Content of the message; as desired, this can consist of text, images, videos and links (to e.g. games).
(3) Select recipient(s): class or individual student(s).
(4) Depending on (3): select class(es) or student(s).

Click Save!

A red dot in the message icon in the app indicates to the student that there is a new message for him/her.