Create grades

To create a new grade click ‘Grades’/’New Grade’

• Enter a name
• Choose a language if desired. Please note:
– Choosing a language makes it impossible for the students to choose a language in the app themselves.
– The student can no longer choose another class in the app!

• The student sees the names of the created grades in the app.
• When the student chooses a grade, they will only see the games linked to that grade.
• By choosing a grade upon logging in, the player is automatically placed in that grade.

Optional: enter student names

This option is only available if ‘registration by students is allowed’ is unchecked!(see under ‘Settings‘)
Otherwise, students can log in ‘freely’ and have to choose a class of their own.

Enter the names of the students:
• Students can only log in to the app with these names!
• A list of names (separated by commas or enters) can be copied and pasted. For example, an export file (Excel or CSV) of a student registration system can be used.
• Relevant students are automatically placed in the correct grade by the app.