Earz for big/umbrella organisations

Earz offers some interesting features for umbrella (e.g. national) organisations.

• An umbrella organisation can be managed in Earz as an umbrella (=above underlying organisations).
For example: The umbrella organisation is a national organisation that stands above regional organisations. A regional organisation may contain bands (in the form of ‘classes‘).
– Earz ensures that underlying organisations are linked to the umbrella organisation.
– The umbrella organisation can grant rights to teachers (administrators) of the underlying organisations on the administration page.

• Games can be ‘locked’.
This possibility (in combination with the above) allows the umbrella organisation, for example, to prepare exams that can be used by the underlying organisations but not edited in terms of content!

• The organisation’s logo can be uploaded.
The logo is then visible to players in the Earz app.

Please contact Ger Wolthuis for the possibilities, conditions and prices.