Games libraries

Earz games are organized in libraries:
– Our games: games of the own institution
– Earz-o-lib: ‘public’ games, accessible to and to fill teachers of all institutions
– Earz games: standard Earz games


(1) Click on the name of the game for an overview of the contents (see below).
(2) To search, enter a search term; both the title and the description will be searched for. (N.B. if no search term is entered, all games will be shown.)
(3) By which teacher and when the game was created / last changed.
(4) Click to create a new game or folder.
(5) Active = visible in the app (click to play right away).
(6) Copy (to be used as a basis for new game).
(7) Delete game

(Re 1) An overview of the entire contents of a selected game appears. You can:
– Copy
The game may be placed in the library of your institution and you can freely edit and use it.
– Modify
Customize the content and settings.
– Print
The entire content can be printed out.
– Activate/deactivate
This makes the game visible/invisible to the students in the app (and can then be modified).