Games libraries

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Earz games are organized in libraries:
Our games: games of the own institution
Earz-Library: ‘public’ games, accessible to- and to fill by teachers of all institutions
Earz games: standard Earz games


(1) To search, enter a search term; both the title and the description will be searched for. (N.B. if no search term is entered, all games will be shown.)
(2) Create new folder.
(3) Create new game.
(4) Folder with games. Click to see contents.
(5) Game. Click on the name to see the contents and customize if desired.
(6) Game with the indication “not active”. This means that the game is not visible in the app!
(7) Move the mouse over a game and you will see symbols (10,11,12) appear behind it.
(8) Print an overview of this library.
(9) Open the info screen.
(10) Play: play the game directly in the app.
(11) Copy (to use as basis for new game).
(12) Delete game.

Earz-Library and Earz games

Click in Earz-Library or Earz games on the name of a game. You will then see an overview of its contents and can:


(1) close the ‘parts’ for more overview.
(2) copy the game to the Our games library, give it a name etc. and then edit and use it.
(3) print the content overview.
(4) open the info/help window.