Release notes

Overview of Earz adjustments / improvements:

Latest version number of the app: 5.6.4

Added possibility of Quiz questions with AI rating.

(app version 5.6.4)
Fixed bug for users with many scores/games.

(app version 5.6.3)
Fixed some bugs in Note Reading, Melody and Rhythm.

• app: in the modules where notes must be put in the right place, this can now also be done using arrow keys (on a computer keyboard).
• Various small bugs have been fixed.

(app version 5.6.1)
• Note reading can now also be prompted with the correct octave.
• Key and instrument (+octave) in modules Scales, Chords and Intervals are now also teacher-definable.
• Fixed bug in app scoreboard.

• Minor bugs fixed.
• Quiz questions can be searched by number.
• The scoreboard in the app now offers a better overview of the school year.

• NEW: Harmony module.
• Display highscore split: total/school year.
App (version 5.6.0)
• Now also % good invisible if a game is a test.
• Warning if email address is used as username.
• Wiki content can be printed.
Teachers’ page:
• Within a level, modules can be copied.
• Now possible to import csv files into classes.

• New harp sound.
• New sound samples at Styles Baroque and Romantic.
• Added to Styles module: Klezmer.
• 4 new Styles games (by style group).
• 7 new Instrument games (by instrument group).
• Warning when using e-mail address as user name.
Teachers’ page:
• Fixed some minor bugs.
• Within a level, modules can now be copied.

App (version 5.5.3)
• Note reading: in addition to key only, ‘c,d,e/doremi’ can now be ‘overridden’ by the teacher.
• Melody: now also possible with grand staff.
• Intervals and Theory: diminished fifth added.
• Instruments: new sound examples for cello, double bass and acoustic guitar.

Teachers’ page:
• Quiz questions provided with number; useful for reuse.
• Metronome in Rhythm can now be up to min. 20 bpm.
• Fixed some minor bugs.
• New Theory games by subject.
• New sounds in cello and double bass.

App (version 5.5.2)
Teachers’ page:
• Effects module: ‘play manners’ added.
• Quiz module: audio questions can now include multiple wrong answers and in order.
• bug in minor scales fixed.
• Added game ‘playing manners’ (effects).

Teachers’ page:
• Improved sorting games and classes.
• Linking to classes within folder improved.
• Now warning on empty levels/modules of own games.
• Video embedding in Quiz module improved.
• Melody wiki improved.

• Language of app-startup screen app now automatically linked to OS language
• Melody module: added 2/4 measure, 2 bars
• Fixed some minor bugs.

App (version 5.5.1):
• ‘Rewards’ can now be earned every day.
• Melody multiple-choice snippets are always shown below each other.

Opportunities for umbrella organisations have been expanded.

App (version 5.5.0):
• new rewards.
• revamped scoreboard and settings screen.

(App version 5.4.4)
Teachers’ page:
• quiz questions can now be linked to chosen clef in the app.
• new quiz question type: multiple-choice audio.
• admin: games can now be ‘locked'(=content only editable by administrators).
• admin: students can now log in both ‘free’ and ‘placed’.
• admin: organisation can upload own logo which is visible in the app.

(App version 5.4.3)
• CSV export now also features ‘Last played’.
• quarter triplet and sixteenth quintuplet added to rhythm module.

(App version 5.4.2)
Teachers’ page:
• 3 different end messages can now be added to games.
• rhythm module: the metronome can now sound subdivided.
• note reading module: cello range increased.
• newly designed end screens.
• improved cello sound.

(App version 5.4.0)
The rhythm module has been extended to allow students to tap the rhythm.

Chord theory dictation extended with chord symbols.

App (version 5.3.6):
• Transpose option extended (now per half note).
• Fix of some minor bugs.

Teachers’ page:
• In the Student Tracking System, it is now possible to filter by level within a game.
• Livescore: students can now also be sorted by ‘% played’.
• Within a folder (using a button) all games can now be activated/deactivated at once.

Teachers’ page:
Teachers with restricted access can now use all game libraries.

Added to Rhythm (12/8):
8thNote-8thNote-8thRest and 8thNote-8thRest-8thNote

Teachers’ page and App (version 5.3.5):
Intervals, Chords and Scales now also possible as ‘theory dictation’ .

Added to Styles:
(jazz) fusion, (pop) dubstep, (world music) tango

Teachers’ page:
• Now possible for the administrator to set access per teacher per class, folder and game.
• The ‘our games’ page now shows if there are any “open” quiz questions that need to be checked.

Added to Theory:
• Harmony: tonic etc.
• Signs: breath mark and slur
• Words and abbreviations: prima volta and secunda volta
• Chords; which chord do you see here: now also with chord symbols
Teachers’ page:
• The same module can now be used several times per level.
• The organisation-settings page now shows the current password.
• Rhythm: function of ‘sound circle’ changed.

• Chord symbols improved.
• Bug German note names fixed.
Teachers’ page:
• Search for existing levels and questions (when creating own games) improved.

• 2 new ‘renaissance’ sound samples.
• Start screen in ‘mixed’ games improved.
Teachers’ page:
• Earz games library display of folders now by language.
• Fixed some minor bugs.

App (version 5.3.3)
Teachers’ page:
The ability to place games in the Earz Library improved.

Student Tracking System cleaned up.

App (version 5.3.2):
Players can delete their account.
Teachers’ page:
It is now possible to place folders (including the games) in the Earz-Library.

Teachers’ page:
It is now possible to copy levels from other games.
Players can delete their account (now only in the web app).

NEW (and now activated):
• Bar module
• Students can now also create games.

App (version 5.3.0):
• NEW: Bar module (not yet active!)
• Loading symbol added
• Quiz: YouTube videos now work just like ‘normal’ audio.
Teachers’ page:
• NEW: bar module (not yet active!)
• Repaired small bugs
• From ‘Test’ you can now go directly to the Student Tracking System
• ‘Number of questions correct’ now also includes minimum %.
• Rhythm: choice between stems down or up
• Search window of the Student Tracking System improved.

App (version 5.2.9):
• Fixed bug in Rhythm module.
• Improved the display of YouTube videos in the Quiz module.
Teachers’ page:
• Now possible to create folders within folders.
• Preview per quiz question now possible.
• In Quiz-module the number of questions is adjusted automatically when the questions are in fixed order.
• Teacher explanation games can be made invisible.
• Searching in the Student Tracking System under ‘own games’ shows folders.
• From the Test page you can now directly go to the corresponding results in the Student Tracking System.
• Open quiz questions now have a text field for notes.
• All quiz questions can now be pre-qualified.

App (version 5.2.8):
• Fixed bug in Rhythm module.
• Improved note display in Melody module.
Teachers’ page:
• Search function improved.
• Minor improvements made.

App (version 5.2.7):
• Added: folder with explanation games for teachers.
• New flugelhorn sound fragments.

Teachers’ page:
Added to chord module: augmented seventh and augmented dominant seventh.
Added game: ‘Triads in all positions’

Teachers’ page:
• from the Classes-page you can now directly go to a certain game of a certain class in the Student Tracking System.
• some minor bugs fixed.

Teachers’ page:
Preview function adjusted:
-display improved;
-preview now directly from a certain level onwards possible.

• Swedish added as language in both app and teachers’ page.
• Fixed several small issues.

App (version 5.2.5):
• In case of bad connection (unsaved scores) a warning screen is shown.
• Improved scores in case of weighting other than 100%.
Teachers’ page:
• Minor issues with the new teacher’s page have been fixed.

• Sequence of games on games page works correctly again.
• Replay sound sample works again in pause mode.
Teachers’ page:
• Issues with the new teacher’s page have been fixed.

Teachers’ page updated. Click here for more information.

2022-01-14 (version 5.2.4):
• Replay function in Quiz module restored;
• Playback symbol in Tones module now works correctly;
• Fixed error in displaying notes in Intervals module;
• Improved the player login procedure.

2022-01-07 (version 5.2.3, iOS and web only):
Fixed bug that caused errors on older iOS versions.

2021-12-16 (version 5.2.1):
• Improved functioning of theory items scales, intervals and chords;
• Bug removed from melody module;
• Improved YouTube playback in the start screen;
• Xylophone selection now also works well in English and Spanish.

Teachers’ page:
• Intervals now possible in all keys;
• Celesta moved to key instruments.
• Wiki-link triangle restored ;
• James Bond quiz added.

2021-10-12 (version 5.1.0):
• Added to standard games: intervals-, chords- and scales-dictations;
• Improved display of report and wiki;
• In Melody and other dictations now also double cross and double flat available.
Teachers’ page (+ app):
• Intervals and chords: now also possible to play ‘consecutively + simultaneously’;
• It is now also possible to formulate your own questions for the ‘standard’ modules;
• For Quiz questions, it is now possible to indicate that the student can postpone answering.

2021-09-30 (version 5.0.11)
• last level of a game can now also be repeated
• grades between levels are now displayed correctly
• improvements 5.0.10 also in Android version.

2021-09-20 (version 5.0.10)
Teachers’ page:
• Student Tracking System: number of players per selection (game, date etc.) is displayed.
App (not Android):
• login screen: password optionally visible/invisible

2021-09-06 (version 5.0.9)
Teachers’ page:
• Improvements made to the Student Tracking System
• New in Quiz module: multiple choice with multiple answers possible
• Bug in Rhythm module fixed.

• Melody module: moving notes with the mouse improved.

2021-08-12 (version 5.0.6)
Teachers’ page:
• Now possible to make metronome and keyboard invisible in the app
• Now possible to allow ‘unsanctioned’ more frequent listening (adjustable per game)
• Students can now be placed in more than one class.
• Point counting adjusted
• Small bugs fixed in modules Theory, Melody and Rhythm.

• Instruments: replaced violin and piano examples
• Quiz ‘We are the Champions’ added

2021-06-18 (version 5.0.3/Android 5.0.5)
• Reading notes: score depending on time now correct
• Test: now intro screens can be seen
• Quiz: fixed order elements improved
• Own password player creation repaired
Teachers’ page:
Selecting on game in Student Tracking System possible again.

Changed Terms of use article 2

2021-05-9 (Version 5.0.2)
Minor version 5 bugs fixed.

2021-05-14 (Version 5.0.1)
• Bugrepair Quiz
• Bugrepair Theory (German)
• Renewed ending message as game = test
• New: Player can hear sound clip again in pause mode.

2021-05-05 (Version 5.0.0)
• Renewed game design
• Survey option
• Fixed some bugs
Teachers’ page:
• Extension of the overview of the Student Tracking System
• Survey option

Teachers’ page:
• Expansion of score overview per class/game.
• Changed name ‘Earz library’ into ‘Earz-o-lib’.

2021-03-26 (version 4.3.2)
Bugs fixed in Rhythm, Scales, Chords and Intervals.

2021-03-10 (version 4.3.0)
Teachers’ page:
• Library ‘Earz games’ adapted to language.
• Theory module: chords extended with inversions.
• Bugs solved in Note Reading (multiple choice) and Practice mode (to another level).
• Theory: Display of ‘keys’ now respond to chosen key of player.
• Transpose function added (in settings screen).
• Warning ‘practice’ now more frequent/clearer.

2021-02-15 (version 4.2.10*)
App/Teacher’s Page:
• Intervals: now also possible to choose to omit the ‘prefix’ (e.g. ‘perfect’).
Student Tracking System:
• Each level of the game now indicates which modules are used.
• The student can click on the game in the scores and then see results per level.
* not for Android

2021-02-09 (version 4.2.9)
App/Teacher’s Page:
• End message of a game can now be provided with layout.
• In the end message, a link can now be made to another game (in the app).
• Every level of a game now has a (adjustable) weighting for the grade.
• Improved note reading: with fixed accidentals, it is now also possible to use notes that do not belong to the scale.
Student Tracking System:
• Now possible to see class averages per game (and level).
• Overview per class of which players are online yes/no.
• Reading notes: keyboard extended with extra C (do)

App/Teacher’s Page:
• New administration setting: added possibility of grading other than 1-10 to settings (8).
• Teachers can now set a ‘weighting’ of the results for the overall grade per level in their own games (default=100%).

2021-01-22 (4.2.7)
App/Teacher’s Page:
Improvement in rhythm module;
Teacher’s page:
New administration setting: it is now possible to indicate grades with letters (instead of numbers).

2021-01-15 (4.2.6)
App/Teacher’s page:
New administration setting : possibility to let students log in with mail address and (own) password only.
Teachers page:
• when deleting a game you remain in the concerning folder;
• from within a game you can now go directly (by means of a button) to the parent folder;
• sorting by grade in the Student Tracking System has been improved;
• Teacher can no longer be removed from Student Tracking System.
Problems with multiple choice in rhythm and melody module solved.

2021-01-08 (4.2.4)
App/Teacher’s page:
• Quiz: multiple choice questions now possible with ‘own’ pictures.
• Rhythm and Melody can now also be set as multiple choice questions.
• Quiz: possible answering time has been extended to 5 minutes.
• Melody: answer-button is available without having to move a note first.
• Theory: intervals are now displayed more clearly (one after the other).
• Quiz: if the beginning/end item is ‘fixed’ it does not appear in the student’s choices.
Teacher’s page:
• Improved navigation in your own games folder.

App/Teachers page:
• New module: Effects

2020-12-08 version 4.2.0
Teachers page:
• New privacy setting for students
• Some bugs fixed
Teachers page/app:
• New in Tones: possible to see the images right away
• New rhythm-figure in Rhythm (12/8): 8th dot, 16th,16th,16th

Teachers page:
• Instruments: ukelele and oud added

2020-11-03 version 4.1.7
App/Teachers page:
• Melody: also 16th (semiquaver) notes possible and tempo minimum 20 bpm.
• Note reading: also split point possible for G/alt or G/tenor key

App/Teachers page:
• Instruments: new clarinet examples.
• Rhythm: now also 2 or 3 2/4 measures possible.

Teachers page:
Every organization now has an administrator (with special management rights).
Privacy statement now complies with GDPR standards.

2020-10-02 version 4.1.6 (web: 4.1.5)
App/Teachers page:
• Note reading: now also possible to show only requested notes on the keyboard.
• Intervals, chords and scales: keynote not only variable/fixed, but free choice.
• Quiz: for ‘in order’ questions now also possible to add wrong answers.
• Quiz: now possible to add long (text) answers.

Teachers page:
From now on, logging in is only possible with a personal password.

2020-08-24 version 4.1.3
App/Teachers page:
• Instruments: bass drum added (former ‘bass drum’ changed into ‘orchestral bass drum’)
• Rhythm: improved accents in x/8 beat
• Added ‘practice’ warning
• End of a game now indicates score + rating
Earz Solo:
• Registration screen added

2020-07-10 version 4.1.1
App/Teachers page:
• Quiz can now (in random question order) contain an unlimited number of questions
• Open quiz questions can be provided with ‘weighing’

2020-06-08 version 4.1.0
App/ Teachers page:
• Intervals, Chords and Scales:
– now also provided with dictation option
– now also ‘text + image’ as display option
• Note reading: now also possible to disable the visibility of the note.
Teachers page:
• Students Tracking System: now possible to sort by date/grade (per student)
• Students Tracking System: now indicates if a grade is invisible to the student in the app
• Preview: now including start message

Teachers page/app:
Rhythm module: note figures added in 12/8 beat: quarter/16th/16th and 16th/16h/quarter

2020-05-15 version 4.0.15 
• Theory: note examples are now automatically adjusted to key and ‘doremi’ setting
• Rhythm module:
– the note- material is immediately visible
– the app automatically jumps to the next count.
• improved handling of rests in rhythm-module
Teachers page:
– In the note reading module you can now also choose for the ‘grand staff’ (i.e. that the player sees both F and G keys).
– Games can now be labelled with a colour
– Improved Livescore

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