Version 5.4.4: useful new features for teachers!

Earz has been enhanced with some super handy new features. Read how you can use them here.

The Quiz module has been extended
• New question type: multiple-choice audio question
In the app, students can listen to different audio clips and choose the correct answer:


• Quiz questions can now be linked to the clef chosen in the app.
• Quiz questions can now be copied very easily.
With these 2 new features, it is easy to create the same quiz question for students reading in different keys.

Example: You want to create a question with a picture of a note example for students reading in G clef and students reading in F clef:
• You create the question, provide it with a picture in G clef, select this key (in the settings of the question) and then copy the question.
• You provide the copied question with a picture in F clef and select the key for this question too.
Note: you now have 2 ‘same’ questions. Under ‘number of questions at this level’, now select one less to avoid repeating a question in the app!

Games can be locked.
Administrators (and teachers authorised by administrators) can now lock games, so that their content can no longer be edited by unauthorised teachers.
Useful, for example, for setting -as an organisation- exams: these can be copied by all teachers (and used for their students), but not edited in terms of content.

Organisations can now upload their own logo
On the admin page, it is now possible to upload the organisation’s logo; it is then visible to students in the app!

More login options
It is now possible to combine ‘free’ login with ‘login with fixed usernames’. (To be set for students by the administrator).