The student sees questions that have been thought up by the teacher (possibly provided with audio and video material) and has to choose the right answer from (2 or) 3 possible answers (or answer ‘open’ question).

To be set by the teacher:
• answering speed
• score depending on time: yes/no

Content to be determined by the teacher:
• self-conceived question: multiple-choice or open-ended question *)
• added video or audio material:
• audio clip (mp3 format) and/or image (jpg or png format)
• or: link to Youtube video (possibly including start and end point)
When as a multiple choice question:
• per question 1 correct answer
• per question 1 or 2 incorrect answers
*) NOTE: Answers to open questions must first be graded by the teacher in the Student Tracking System before the game is awarded a final grade.