The student hears a scale and has to choose the right one from (max. 5) possible answers. Or as dictation: put the notes in the right place.

To be set by the teacher (on the teachers’ page):
• question (if not filled in, the standard question will be displayed)
• mode of playback: ascending, descending or random
• playback speed: very slow / slow / medium / fast
• display:
– text
– notes
– text + notes
– dictation
– theory dictation
• number of response options (2 to 5)
• number of questions/number of correct answers (+ minimum % correct answers)

Content to be selected by the teacher:


major, (natural) minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, chromatic, whole-tone, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, minor blues, major blues, gypsy major, gypsy minor, doric, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, locrian