Version 5.6.1

Two handy Earz extensions in the latest Earz version (5.6.1):

• It is now possible for teachers to include in the modules Theory, Scales, Chords and Intervals override the student’s settings in the app!

As a teacher, you can now indicate that you want this and then choose a particular instrument and key (and possibly transposition) with which to play the material in the app.

• And a much-needed extension in Note reading module: the ‘keyboard’ setting.

With this as a teacher you choose how the app keyboard (which contains the letters that the student must click) looks:
1 octave = as it has looked so far. The student only has to click on the correct letter; the octave does not play a role.
automatic = the keyboard is adapted to the range of the instrument and the student must now choose (in addition to the correct note) the correct octave!

We immediately created 2 games with this feature. You can find them in the app in the Note Reading folder under the names “Note Reading in the Right Octave” and “Note Reading in the Right Octave for Pianists.