Version 5.0.6

Version 5.0.6 has some great improvements and enhancements for teachers:

• Students in multiple classes.
At the request of several teachers, we have now made it possible to place students in different classes. They can then choose one of these classes in the app.

Metronome and Keyboard invisible.
The metronome and keyboard in the app can now be made invisible. This can be done per class (by the teachers) or per school (by the administrator).

• Listening more often unsanctioned.
As a teacher, you can now disable listening more often for each (own) game. The score is then always the same, regardless of how often the student has listened.

• Scoring improved.
From now on, good answers on each level are rewarded with 10 points. (This was previously 10 points x level). As a teacher you can adjust this to your liking.
See here for more information about this change.