Scoring changed (summer 2021)

Starting with the school year 2021/2022, the scoring of Earz has been changed. From now on, good answers on every level will be rewarded with 10 points. Previously this was 10 points x level.

Why did we change this?
With the ‘old’ system, higher levels were automatically rewarded more, which also influenced the total score. We have now changed this so that the teacher can choose whether to change this or not (see below).
By default, all levels are now equally weighted when determining the overall grade.

What are the consequences?
A number of users will notice that their total number of earned points has decreased. This is especially the case with games created by the school/organization itself.

How can the school/organization deal with this?
Teachers can adjust their games so that the players get their old number of points back by adjusting the ‘weighting’ per level of their own game (3).
To get back to the old situation: enter 200% at level 2, 300% at level 3 etc.

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See the general explanation of the Earz score here.