The student hears a rhythmic fragment. By putting rhythm elements in the right place, the right musical picture must be achieved (Note: the last note is always fixed – one beat).

To be set by the teacher (on the teachers’ page):
• question (if not filled in, the standard question will be displayed)
• measure type + number of bars
• max. number of possible binding bows (max. 1 per beat; not to last note)
• direction of the stems: down/up
• multiple choice: no/yes (yes= the student now sees (2-5) options to choose from and does not have to ‘make’ a rhythm himself)
• tempo (40-120 bpm)
• number of questions/number of correct answers (+ minimum % correct answers)

Content to be selected by the teacher:

• rhythm elements x/4 measure:



• rhythm elements x/8 measure: