Student login (teacher’s manual)

• The student must enter a username in addition to the organisation password.
• The username is the name that (automatically) appears in the Student Tracking System. (NB. preferably do not use an email address for this purpose!)
• By default, this username is free to fill in.
NB. Preferably do not use an email address as a username!

The students can log in in different ways. This is set by the school/organization:

Click on Setting/School settings on the teachers page
Attention: School settings are only visible for the main user/administrator of the Earz account!


Students login:
• Ticked = everyone can log in “freely” into the app, with any chosen login name;
• Unticked = institution must enter a list of names per class. Students can only log in with these names.
Now click on Classes at the top (create a new class if necessary) and enter names of students per class.
Please note that it is possible to place a student in more than one class; the student can then choose one of these classes in the app.

(2) (In addition to (1))
Checked: Students can only log in with their email address and (own) password.
Each student has a unique password (which, if forgotten, can be retrieved automatically).