The student hears a fragment played by an instrument and then sees (max. 5) names of effects from which he has to choose the right one by clicking on it.

To be set by the teacher (on the teachers’ page):
• question (if not filled in, the standard question will be displayed)
• display: text/image/both
• number of response options (2 to 5)
• number of questions/number of correct answers (+ minimum % correct answers)

Content to be selected by the teacher:
• dynamics:
accent, crescendo, decrescendo
• articulation:
legato, marcato, portato, staccato
• effects:
arpeggio, flageolet, flutter-tonguing, glissando, pizzicato, tremolo, vibrato
• ornaments:
appoggiatura, grace note, inverted mordent, mordent, turn, trill