Android app not found in the PlayStore?

It may be that your Android OS is too old and that’s why you can’t find Earz and Earz Solo in the PlayStore, or that you encounter problems in the app.
Try upgrading your OS to a higher version of Android, but if this is impossible, there is a solution for the app Earz (not for Earz Solo!!!):

• Open the browser Chrome on the Android device.
• Open Earz there
If Earz is working “normally” now, you can do this afterwards:
• Tap an icon with three dots in the upper right corner.
• Tap Add to Home screen.
• Give the site a recognizable title or leave the default name.
• Tap Add and then tap Add again if necessary.
• The Earz icon is now on your start screen, and from there you can log in to the web app.

You may be able to download older versions of the app here, but please note that these will not have all the features and/or may not function properly!