How is the Earz score determined?

In principle, you will receive 10 points for each correct answer (see 3).
The grade is determined by the score obtained in relation to the maximum score that can be obtained (see 4).

However, there are more factors that influence the score:
how often you click on ‘hear again’ (1)
how long it takes you to answer (2)
weighting per level (3)
adaptation of the overall grade (4)
weighting in open questions (5)

(1) Clicking on ‘answer again’ can be done a maximum of 5 times. *)
-The first 2x gives no deduction.
-The 3rd, 4th and 5th times give 20% deduction each time. If you get it right after 5 clicks you score 40%.
-For modules Rhythm and Melody: you can click a maximum of 10 times, first 4 times no deduction, after that always 10% off (which also leaves 40% if you answer correctly).
*) the teacher can switch off per game that more frequent listening is punished.

(2) There are games (such as Note Reading, Theory and Quiz) where the answer may depend on the time.
In that case you get the maximum score in the first 20% of the total time for a correct answer and it then decreases (linearly) to a score of 0 when the time is up.

(3) For each level, the teacher can set a weighting (default =100%) which affects the number of points to be scored. 100%=10 points, 200%=20 points etc.

(4) The standard score is 55%: grade 5.5 (with a score of 1-10). The teacher can change this for each (own) game.

(5) Open questions are graded by the teacher with 0-10 points per question. A maximum score per question can be set beforehand.