Version 5.1 is out!

New possibilities for teachers and students, such as using double cross and double flat and much more!


• New dictation games
The standard Earz games Intervals, Chords and Scales have been expanded with dictations. Playable at all levels.

For teachers:

• New in Intervals and Chords modules
Besides playing the notes at the same time or after each other, you can now also choose ‘after each other + at the same time’.

• Formulating your own questions
Of course it was already possible in the Quiz module, but now also in the other modules: instead of the standard Earz question, use a question formulated by yourself!

• Postpone answering quiz questions
When creating a Quiz you can now indicate per question whether the student may postpone answering it. The student then has to answer the postponed question at the end of the level.