That’s how you take a test with Earz

It’s perfectly okay to take a test or an exam in Earz. If a game is a test it can only be played once in the app by the player and then there will be nothing to see other than this test.
Follow the steps below to turn a game into a test:

In the game overview, click on the game in question, click on Modify and then on Additional settings:


1 Check ‘Game is a test‘.
2 Enter date + time when the button is visible in the app
3 Tick on/off as desired

Click Save and then Activate Game.

Check if everything is set up correctly by clicking on Tests in the menu at the top.  If your test is not here, you have set something incorrectly (e.g. date or not activated)!

This game can now only be seen in the app on this date and time and is clearly recognizable for the students concerned: