Student Tracking System

Overview of students


(1) Names of students (click for detailed results per student; see below).
(2) Click to sort.
(3) Export as CSV file or print.
(4) Search on student, or (Extended search) on class, game (level) and/or date.

Results per student


(1) Results per game (click for more details; see below)
(2) Total score of this student
Bonus= the number of points gained by playing games more than once.
(3) Export as CSV-file or print
(4) Remove student (Note: their scores will also be removed!)

Results per game per student


(1) Results per level
(2) Total score of this game
(3) Export as CSV-file or print
(4) Deleting scores of this game

Do you want insight into the performance per topic? Click here for tips.


Click on the Livescore button (which appears when you have selected a game with Extended search) so that you can follow ‘live’ the scores of the players in that game; the screen is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.

You can sort by % of progress in the game or by number of points gained.
In this way, let the students ‘play against each other’. Show this screen if you want, for example on a smartboard or via Zoom.