Earz webinars

Brush up on your Earz knowledge and do a -free- webinar!

Let us know here if you would like to participate in an Earz webinar for teachers and let us know which Earz topics you are interested in. We will then keep you informed when there will be a webinar that will be of interest to you.

General information:
• the webinars are conducted via Zoom.
• everyone registered will receive the access link starting 15 minutes before the start of the webinar.
• make sure you have logged in before the official start time. After this, access cannot be guaranteed.
• in general, the webinar lasts ± 3 quarters of an hour and then there is another ± quarter of an hour to ask questions.
• the webinars are always accessible free of charge – even for teachers without a subscription.
• a maximum of 20 people can participate per webinar.