Explainer games for teachers

In the Earz app, you will find an Explanation for teachers folder. This folder contains games that teach teachers how to work with Earz.


• You can see and experience what the possibilities are for you as a teacher on the teacher’s page.
• You will immediately experience the consequences of your adjustments for the students in the app.

Before you start, please read the following carefully:

• If you want to learn in the best possible way: put two browser screens next to each other:
– In one you put the app with the explanation game;
– In the other one, you can perform the actions on the Earz teachers’ page ‘in real life’.

• Illustrations in a blue frame represent the teachers’ page, those in a red frame the app.

• Just like other Earz games, an explainer game consists of levels:
– At the beginning of each level you get an explanation (which you can immediately carry out in the second browser screen!)
– After that, you always click (bottom right) on Continue playing.
– You will then be asked one or more questions, after which you automatically*) move on to the next level.

• *) Make sure you do not play in practice mode in the app! (see here for more info about app settings.)

The following games are available
(NB. log in to the app first –click here– and then click on the title to play)

• Earz in primary education

Earz can be used perfectly in music lessons in primary education.
By default, Earz has games of various levels; for absolute beginners to professionals. You can also adapt the games for your target group and even add your own material!

This game is a manual and also an example of what you can make yourself (easily). So, with explanation, with levels increasing in difficulty etc.
Duration: max. 15 minutes

• Copying and slightly modifying a game

In this game you will learn:
1. how to copy an Earz standard game to Our games;
2. how to change the title of the game;
3. how to make the adapted game available for the students.
Duration: max. 10 minutes

• Make your first own game

In this game you will learn:
1. how to make an Earz game with a first level.
2. how to add content to the first level.
3. how to adapt this content.
4. how to test the game.
5. how to make it available for your student in the app.
Duration: max. 15 minutes